Demonstrating leadership in an emerging higher education learning technology

MOOCs are a useful promotional tool for Universities and professional education providers. Their arrival “en masse” in 2012 changed the way early-adopters like the University of London, reached out to their customers. Like it or not, it is now the turn of all education providers to consider having their own – albeit for a more modest impact in an increasingly noisy marketing space.

The exciting news is that it is still possible to show competence in this now established field, by learning from first attempts and best practice, and by concentrating on a better long-term value proposition for your University and its customers.

Start by honestly assessing your own capabilities with technology enhanced distance learning. To help, we have a free little online survey you don’t even have to sign up for. It will ask you 50 questions and then give you a personal assessment of your institutions’ readiness for online distance learning covering 10 key barriers at least. It’s been around for a decade or so, but we find it is still a very effective tool for assessing the capabilities education providers need for providing online distance learning successfully. You can also use it as a culture change tool, by answering the questions together as a team for example.

Click here for the Barriers Survey

Getting to the core of the online distance learning proposition means understanding why successful programmes work. If you don’t know which programmes are successful, or how to analyse them, you need help. Coming to this realisation is another of the valuable results of the above Barriers Survey.

This analysis of sustainable programmes will help to point the way for you to go about designing and building your own first efforts, and greatly improve their chances of success. If you can’t afford to invest much money and time into it, get in touch and we’ll give you some helpful pointers. Start by reading all the briefing papers and white papers on this website, and you will have gained twenty years of insight already.

It is still too early to say who will come out ahead online with digital higher educational technologies, but in truth it doesn’t really matter if you are just looking to equip your own organisation to do it successfully. Read the papers, do the survey, and then honestly assess whether your people can do it themselves. If not, we’re here to help as we have done so successfully for many other education providers in the past two decades.

If you want to take the lead in an emerging higher education learning technology, also get in touch. We’ve done it successfully before and we’re ready, willing and able to do it again.

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