Staff and students in struggle: help to reform

Paul Greatrix, Registrar at The University of Nottingham, recently wrote a thought provoking article in the WonkHE blogsite reviewing Derek Bok’s 2017 book “The Struggle to Reform Our Colleges” which focuses on why efforts to improve American higher educational attainment haven’t worked. Bok’s book has some thoughtful comments including: “Few undergraduates today are clamouring for […]

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Become your own online program manager

I recently came across a June 2016 article in The Atlantic magazine on online program managers (OPMs), and how much money they are making from marketing student enrollments in the USA. OPMs offer Colleges modern marketing tactics such as websites that collect information to generate marketing leads, text message follow-ups to inquiries, and phone banks […]

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Reading Digitally vs. Reading Paper

Couple of interesting quotes from an Education Week article this week (May 28th, 2016), worth repeating. When it comes to textbooks, students want paper (Foasberg, 2014; Mizrachi, 2015; Olsen et al, 2013; Shepperd, Grace & Koch, 2008). In some studies, students report greater fatigue after reading electronic textbooks, so that, as much as the comprehension […]

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Invest in Blended Learning

We were recently approached by the corporate customer of a Business School in the south east of England, who were looking for more flexible executive education courses.? We don?t usually get approached by our customer?s customers, but we?d done some online learning consultancy for them in the past, and they were looking for a more […]

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Demonstrating leadership in an emerging higher education learning technology

MOOCs are a useful promotional tool for Universities and professional education providers. Their arrival “en masse” in 2012 changed the way early-adopters like the University of London, reached out to their customers. Like it or not, it is now the turn of all education providers to consider having their own – albeit for a more […]

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