Reading Digitally vs. Reading Paper

Couple of interesting quotes from an Education Week article this week (May 28th, 2016), worth repeating. When it comes to textbooks, students want paper (Foasberg, 2014; Mizrachi, 2015; Olsen et al, 2013; Shepperd, Grace & Koch, 2008). In some studies, students report greater fatigue after reading electronic textbooks, so that, as much as the comprehension […]

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CAPDM are hosting the 4th meeting of the EU Funded Erasmus+ project OpenQAsS

CAPDM?are hosting the 4th meeting of the EU Funded Erasmus+ project OpenQAsS (2014-1-HU01-KA242-002356) ? Open Source Quality Assurance System for European Vocational Education. The meeting takes place 2nd and 3rd June in Edinburgh. Ken Currie, host of the Edinburgh event is excited about the project: ?It is always a great opportunity to meet up with […]

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Invest in Blended Learning

We were recently approached by the corporate customer of a Business School in the south east of England, who were looking for more flexible executive education courses.? We don?t usually get approached by our customer?s customers, but we?d done some online learning consultancy for them in the past, and they were looking for a more […]

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Recent Developments

University of London & Association of Chartered Certified Accountants CAPDM has been commissioned by the University of London International Programmes in partnership with the the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) to produce a new ground-breaking Masters programme.? Launched in January 2016 using the University of London?s own Moodle service, the programme makes many new […]

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ALFA – Adaptive Learning For All

For nearly 20 years CAPDM have been building client content in single sourced, SGML/XML. All CAPDM clients have a digital, managed repository of their content, all of which is held in standards. The textual content uses a very semantically-rich mark-up which offers a high degree of future proofing, but also ensures that their content is […]

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